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Holmes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry keeps teeth healthy and bright with our comprehensive mix of dental services. Our friendly team, gentle touch, clinical skills and experience assure world-class treatment right here in your Fort Wayne dental home, where our office includes WiFi and cable TV. Whether you’re new to the Fort Wayne area (welcome!) or are just looking for a change, give Dr. Holmes a call or schedule an appointment online today!

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General Dentistry

Oral hygiene is your greatest ally in the war against tooth decay and gum disease, and semi-annual checkups and cleanings with Holmes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry help keep your immune system strong. If a troublesome tooth needs pulling, we’ll either extract the tooth or refer you to a trusted oral surgeon—and if you need extra help to keep cavities at bay, we offer dental sealants. Dr. Holmes screens for oral cancer during routine checkups and can custom-fit your family’s athletes with mouthguards so smiles remain intact during contact sports, games, and practices.

Pediatric Dentistry

Holmes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry welcomes our youngest patients after their first birthday. Besides twice-yearly hygiene checkups, Dr. Holmes offers sealants, fillings, and crowns for the little ones. We have family block appointments for your convenience, and our whole team enjoys making trips to the dentist interesting, relaxing, and fun for our younger patients!

Restorative Dentistry

Missing and damaged teeth have negative consequences for your health, and no one loves the way they look. Bone loss occurs when teeth are absent, which weakens the facial structure and makes it appear “sunken-in”. Broken or cracked teeth are prone to infection and pain and affect many aspects of your life, from what you can eat and drink to the quality of your sleep.

Dental implants are the #1 permanent tooth replacement solution chosen by doctors and patients alike. They are custom-fitted and able to support one tooth, partials, bridges, or a complete set of dentures. Dr. Holmes can provide dental implant restoration to secure your smile for life!

Cosmetic Dentistry

The #1 cosmetic dental concern for adults is whether they feel their teeth are white enough. Dr. Holmes is most concerned about the health of your smile but wants you to share it freely with the world, too. If you think your smile needs touching up, consider our cosmetic options. You’ll feel as great as you look, and restorations will strengthen your teeth, too. Whether you’d like a smile redesign or just a boost, your Fort Wayne dentist has many options for you to choose from!


The popularity of Invisalign is unparalleled in the orthodontic world—the revolutionary clear aligner system has helped over 5 million people feel better about smiling. Interested in joining them? Invisalign is a safe, easy way to straighten teeth, and treatment times average about a year. The translucent removable aligners are discreet and don’t require changes to oral hygiene or diet. Call now for more information!

*Dr. Holmes is a general dentist providing orthodontic services.

Other Services

Our Emergency Dentistry section shares a few tips in case you accidentally knock out a tooth—and if you have an emergency, we’ll try to see you the same day. Technology makes the dental care we provide faster and more accurate and continues to improve all the time. For a comprehensive Fort Wayne dental practice, give Dr. Holmes a call!


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