A filling is a common procedure to restore a tooth damaged by decay. Fillings also help to repair broken, worn-down or cracked teeth.
Some modern, simple fillings do not even require numbing.  However, when they do, the dentist first makes sure the tooth is adequately numb so that the procedure can be completed painlessly.  Then, he removes all decay from the affected area and “fills” the hole with tooth-colored filling material. This restores the tooth shape and protects it from further destruction by the bacteria that normally are present in the mouth in huge amounts.

Holmes Family & Cosmetic Dentistry uses only top quality, safe materials for fillings in your teeth:

  • Composite: made up of very tiny pieces of silica surrounded by a plastic resin, has a clay-like consistency that hardens when the dentist shines a blue light on it, great for small cavities, durable, has the same color as your teeth. The composite won’t corrode or darken, but may be prone to coffee or tea stains.
  • Porcelain: also known as ceramic, made of non-crystalline glass that is custom-formed and shaped in the lab to fit the cavity perfectly, stain-resistant, very natural-looking, used in important visible areas with heavy chewing pressure.

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